Io ritorne, io ritorne…


You may know me from such hit lives as “I was born and raised in Lansing, MI but left in a frenzy of insanity almost ten years ago” and “I never finished college so I should probably do that, huh?”


I am every woman, it really *is* all in me. I am every female that was a little too smart for her own good combined with a horrible high school adviser and shitty public school funding. I was smart enough to slip and slide my way to passing grades through school. I am the girl who got a job in an office shortly after high school because I was lucky and bilingual. I am the girl who “luckied” her way into jobs in information technology and finance, just because.

Maybe I am not lucky, maybe the word I am looking for is “charming”, perhaps smart.

No, I am lucky.

Did I mention that when I left Michigan, I went to the country my father was born in? And that I had never really held a big job there? That I became a citizen of another country? And got into a lot of fun trouble? And and and! So many “and” tales.

I never told you?  Hmmm. Ok well, that’s cool. I’ll tell you all about it. Al ratito, as they say. I have lots of stories to tell. But right now I will slave away over math homework that a 10th grader could probably finish in 30 minutes.

I mean, I could too, if I weren’t writing this blog.


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