Snow way, man.

I’ve never been a fan of winter. I was born in the winter, but I hate it with every cell in my beautiful being. Sure, I used to like sledding as a child, but come on. I’m from MICHIGAN. People in Mexico say that for so many of them, it is a dream to see snow. I am sure it is, the first snow is magic, we’re all dressed in the finest whites, white that bleach could only DREAM of.

And then? What happens? MONTHS pass, the snow melts and freezes, another layer of snow, slush, potholes, oh my God, it’s horrible. WEEKS of miserable cold. Sometimes the sun comes out, sometimes I feel it just gives up. Even the sun gives up here in MI. How about them apples?

A woman today asked why snow gets ugly. I asked her to imagine shaved ice, bathed in the water used to mop a dirty floor. She laughed and laughed.

Spring is here, I suppose. There had been patches of days that made even my heart that misses Mexican mornings delighted. Then day before yesterday I wake up and walk out to a car covered in slush.

Very funny, Mother Nature.


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