Small victories.

As it turns out, I’m not horrible at the maths. I’m lazy and hate that I’m bad at multiplication and had avoided math because BORING. But it’s NOT boring! It was actually really fun to learn about things like Pythagoras Theorem.

I never thought I would write that, but here I am, old AF learning some middle school math and saying it was fun.

100% not being sarcastic on this.

Oh if only I had paid attention in school! I would be a most terrific and benevolent queen. Ugh!

Well, this semester I didn’t do a bunch of homework (I suppose I could have, but then I didn’t and I can’t recall why I didn’t…) and there was a test I absolutely did horribly on. HORRIBLY. I’m ashamed and it was stupid to have done so poorly, and my fault. You know why? An absolutely hideously foolish reason, really just the dumbest EVER. I was in a rush to go see some guy, so I glossed over some homework I should have taken my time on (Oh hey, well that answers part of that!) hurriedly turned in the abomination of a completed math test and ran like an idiot dog to hang with this lame-o.

Bye, Puto.

Sad to say that I texted this fool to make sure he was home and he had the courtesy to text me back…twelve hours later, and it wasn’t even an apology. I didn’t finish my homework, I got a bad grade on a test and his royal rudeness didn’t bother himself to hang out with me as planned. WTF? What, are we in high school or something? Did your phone die? Are your hands broken? I will go to your house and help you with your chores…unless I find you completely ignoring me.

I'll just wait here.

If per chance, I do find you 100% healthy, I will put your hands in a door and break your fingers, so you will have a practical reason for not texting me or anyone else back. But really, let that be a lesson to me and everyone, regardless of how you identify or who you like- No matter how attractive or interesting the person is, or how hard the heart palpitations are, or the butterflies or whatever if they are keeping you from your homework, they are not a friend, they’re a distraction. Thankfully I passed my math class, with a 2.5 which isn’t good but it isn’t bad, either. It’s an 80% more or less and I think that is what I put into it. I’m just thankful to be over this first part to be able to move onto another math class and be that much closer to my goal. I absolutely four pointed my writing class, in case you were wondering, but that was obvious.


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