World Ocean Day

Happy world ocean day from your favorite Mexican mermaid. 

Celebrates World Oceans Day—Photo by @DavidDoubilet Reflection or Reality: A bearded flying fish looks more like a bird than fish as it soars beneath a still as glass surface in a night #SargassoSea near #Bermuda. These colorful creatures are delicate living sculptures. I am working on an @natgeo assignment in the Sargasso Sea that explores a floating algae canopy called sargassum that is an oceanic nursery for many juvenile marine creatures that need protective cover. This Sargasso Sea ecosystem is a haven of biodiversity that is the focus of an unprecedented conservation effort to protect this high seas open ocean ecosystem through a multinational collaboration called the Hamilton Declaration guided by #SargassoSeaAlliance. Today is #WorldOceansDay celebrating 70% of our planet. National Geographic's #PristineSeas Project is an global initiative that seeks protection for large tracts of vulnerable wild ocean. With @thephotosociety #GotoEdgeKeepGoing #RespectNature #ocean #flyingfish #reflections #nikonnofilter @seacam

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