¡Ay Papacito!

I spotted him the moment I walked into FEAST with my friend Emily, who lives in Chicago. We had planned to go to the best place she could find so I could get a much coveted Sunday Bloody Mary.

Damn hipsters and their love of Sunday brunch. I could give a shit about it, I use brunch as an excuse to drink early without looking like a lush party girl.

Anyway. I was in this stinking hip neighborhood, Wicker Park- with hip people just looking to drink a damn Bloody Mary in peace when I saw a Mexican hipster.

My panties legit almost fell off.

Sorry hipsters, I was wrong about you. Forgive my prior hate, I love you, I adore you all. In particular this beautiful creature that fell from the heavens and is now earining a living as a buser. He was simply Spec! Tac! U! LARRRRRRR.

He had a thick beard, and this hair cut… you know, I am not going to bother describing him, you’re familiar with google. Go ahead, You can do it. “hipster haircut male short sides beard

There. He looked like all those dudes, but browner.


Lord Jesus!

Brunch was lovely, to be honest. Good food, good conversation, with one eye on my homegirl and one eye on my man, you know. Our waitress, beautiful and attentive-accidentally dropped a tiny cream pitcher on the table. It spilled rich and pristine upon the dark stained floors. My handsome hipster came out of no where and cleaned everything up, all with a dazzling toothpaste worthy smile.


After a few delicious drinks and a very formidable brunch (damn you, hipsters!!!) it was time to depart. Handsome hipster arrived, removed our plates that only held memories of food. Feeling cheeky, I asked him in Spanish “Where are you from?”

“From Jalisco” he answered, flashing me that toothpaste ad smile again.

“Ahhh, Jalisco, of course, you had to be from Jalisco…” I trailed off.

“Why do you say that…?” he asked, taking the bait.

“Obvious, papa– they say all of the men from Jalisco are incredibly handsome” I say and this time I flash him the toothpaste ad smile.

He blushed, said thank you and covered his face.

Ay! That’s how I like them! In the city, with a country boy heart!


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