That joke isn’t funny anymore.

I am scared. I wrote about Trump last year. It was offensive, but a minor threat. Now suddenly he is the republican candidate for presidency and he has legit politicians endorsing him.


Of course, he also has the regular run of the mill motherfucker touting support, and while this also worries me, I’m not surprised. Our education system is shit. I think that Trump as a serious candidate says more about our education system than any low test score. It tells of a deeply insidious racist demographic. An extremely uncultured demographic that is more willing to live in the past with a serious misconception of what greatness is and who is deserving of it.

With all of that said, I am reminded, that there are still people out there who are not gong to put up with his fuckery and will not hesitate to shut a bitch down.

I am thankful for them. Rev. Faith Green-Timmons, I am thankful for you.


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