I moved back almost two years ago to go to school and be a better adult, think about my future, etc. etc.

On this journey, I’ve found that the more “adult” I become (paying bills, taking out a loan, transferring a credit card balance, getting the oil in my car changed, BUYING TIRES!) the more I want to cling to my childhood.

I can’t, but I want to.

I think that is where my #livingmybest17yearoldlife is coming from- an attempt to feel carefree and young. I try to do this with a dash of not taking myself seriously.

Sometimes it works.

A few weeks ago, I took steps to be more adult, in productive and fun ways. Today they came together and nothing felt sad about being a grown up. I rented a car on Friday and traveled nearly 800 miles to the state of New York (round trip) to see a good friend and a fellow fan of my favorite band to see them on the opening night of their biggest tour yet.

I drove through two countries to do it. I  drove in silence. I thought about nothing. I rolled the windows down and sang songs. I rolled the windows up and screamed.

I made plans for my life.

I enjoyed being a grown up, but one who can make her own choices, like eating a donut for dinner.

Which I did when I got home.

(Shout out to my roomie, who bought me the donut. She is cool.)

I also walked in from my road trip to these bad girls: business cards.

They are REALLY beautiful and I’m not sure who I’ll give them to, but 50 people will have them AND THAT IS SO COOL.


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