Barron Trump is an anchor baby. 

So people were tweeting mean things about Trumps youngest son, which TBH weren’t even that mean. Things like, he is super pale (he is, so what?) and he looks like he would rather be playing Candy Crush than be at the inauguration (then again, many of us would have rather been playing Candy Crush than living through his father being inaugurated…) so what is mean about that?

 I feel like people don’t know what mean is. You know what’s mean? Someone calling you an anchor baby. I’ve been called an anchor baby. Oh, you don’t know what an anchor baby is? 

So then, by this definition, I wouldn’t be an anchor baby, as my mother was born and raised here in the US but people have still used the term on me as my father is from Mexico.

 That said, in these days that have been filled with racism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, bigotry, misogyny and every other kind of hatred you can think of, I have been thinking- I may not be an anchor baby, but Not My President Trump’s youngest child Barron IS indeed, by this definition, an anchor baby. 

Trump doesn’t love anchor babies.
I’m just saying, if he can call them anchor babies, I can call his crotch dropping an anchor baby BECAUSE HE IS. 

Petty in pink, signing out. 


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